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Political Poop: This Game’s A Bunch of Crap

Political poop
It seems this year you just can’t get away from all the crap being spewed out of the mouths of politicians and pundits. The more they open their mouths, the more it piles up. This game expresses that concept perfectly. It’s gamified political satire. And way more entertaining than following the news or listening to the debates.

Get to the Polls Without Becoming Sheeple

There’s so much poop being flung about by the media, the politicians themselves, and just about anyone discussing the issues that it’s tough not to fall into the category of a “sheeple” for one side or the other. If you listen to too much right-wing poop, you’ll become a Republican sheeple. Listen to too much left-wing poop, and you’ll become a Democratic sheeple. The noise you make is the same regardless...

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Making Progress

Yes, like a crazy mad scientist, I continue to make progress on UWE.  The first step was deciding on what direction to take our data handling.  Since we lost the database with the last host, I was given a chance to rethink things.  One of my personal pet peves was having to have two different logins…one for the site and one of UWE.  That also meant that you would have to have another login for any other multiplayer game we made down the road.

I had been wanting to tie all that info together anyway, so I made the choice to unify the user login system...

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Why can’t we be friends…

IPG is a game development company, sure.  But we are also gamers ourselves.  That means we like to play games.  Sometimes we like to play with ourselves.  (Wait, that didn’t come out right…)  Sometimes we like to play with others.  One of the goals with IPG has always been to create a gaming community to bring together those who like to play with a mixture of seriousness and wackiness.

To further this goal, IPG has always tried to foster a community of gamers.  One way is our community Teamspeak server, which you can find by firing up TS3 and pointing it towards  And to take it a step further, we’ve added a community to the website.  Here you can form groups, post videos and images, and connect with other miscreants like yourself.

See?  We’re lookin o...

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So, we faced a catastrophic loss of data from our old host.  We lost EVERYTHING including usable backups.  We still have a lot of our code, but the data is all gone.  Blame Ubie for not being more vigilant about keeping that backed up.

The down side is that we’ve lost everything.  The upside is we’re doing a redesign of the site.  Look for more interactive things to come…we’re looking to make the site a complete community portal.  We’ll be making changes over the next couple of days and weeks so look for them!

Until then, excuse our mess.

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