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Modlist on 3rd party sites
ID: 256Status: CompletedVersion: 1.0.3Report Date: September 29, 2016Product: TwitchBot Resolution Date: 09-29-2016Resolution Version: 1.0.4

I am not sure if this is possible due to limitations of Unity / Rimworld, but it most likely would be possible to use Post requests to third party sites to upload the modlist.

I was thinking about letting people use their github account and have a “Gist” with the modlist on there, which they can link to, and would be linked by the bot in chat.

I know that Github has a very nice API for most(if not all) of their features.
Github Repo’s would not be ideal since they are designed more for version management of all kinds of projects.
Github Gists would be a really nice feature since they are designed for single or multiple files.
Gists also allow markdown formatting.

Another option would be using sites like Pastebin, they also have an API, I personally have never used Pastebin their API, but from what I looked up, you should be able to use it for posting a modlist.

Some more info on the API:
Pastebin API info:

I hope this gives you some ideas to use for the modlist.
Like I said, Im not aware of the limitations, but since you seem to get the twitch API working I think there might be some hope.


-Ubie’s Notes:  We’re doing this, but we’re going to use option 3:  I don’t like involving 3rd party sites that I have no control over, so I’m going to use THIS site.  Already working on it.

-Ubie’s Notes2: This has been implemented in version 1.0.4.

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