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Twitch Chat Storyteller
ID: 258Status: OpenVersion: 1.0.3Report Date: September 29, 2016Product: TwitchBot

Incident voting, sort of like Clustertruck. I'm imagining a new incident that occasionally pops up without affecting the others, and allows the twitch chat to vote on what it becomes each time it occurs. Or even a storyteller mode that completely disables all incidents and essentially makes chat the storyteller, voting on incidents that occur in either a predetermined or random frequency. Could completely change the definition of chat interaction!

-Ubie’s Notes: This is something I could see implementing, but I’d need more of an idea of what people would like to see as far as the mechanics of how this would work, along with what kinds of incidents they would like to be able to vote on, etc. If anyone wants to weigh in, just use the comments below.

One comment to Twitch Chat Storyteller

  • Andrew Creigh  says:

    I would love to see this implemented! Was just talking to my stream about this today hoping one existed, this mod looks to have been dead for some time I hope there is still plans to implement this 🙂

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