Hardware maintenance day

So, I finally got around to looking into why my wife’s laptop wasn’t working.  She’s using my main computer at the moment.  This laptop is running hot for sure, so there might be a fan that’s having an issue, but the main problems were locking up constantly.  I was pretty sure it was a hard drive issue.  Have a new hard drive in, and it seems to be running ok.  Moved from a slow 5400RPM drive to a SSD, so it’s way faster in that regard.  I think if I can get the heat issue taken care of, I’ll probably keep this machine for myself as the main computer is better for her work anyway.

I’m using a program called Synergy to allow me to control my normal Dev laptop using this laptop’s keyboard an mouse.  It’s like having a second monitor, only that monitor is running it’s on computer, so I’ve got twice the power now.  I can develop on the dev laptop and mess around on the other one.  That works out WAY better for me.

Back into development today.  Will see if I can knock out some feature requests.

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