I can’t get no coding traction.

(Sung to the tune of The Rolling Stone’s Satisfaction)

So, I worked on trying to implement a feature into a RimWorld mod that I need.  I looked at how other people have done it, and the general way of doing it is to break the game and then put your code in it’s place.  I don’t like doing that.  I like writing my code so that it plays nice with everyone else’s mods.

I spent several hours trying to figure out a way to implement what I need into the Pawn class without trying to rewrite the Pawn class completely…since as that would break the game for every other mod that does anything with Pawns.  You know…people, animals, mechs…

No love.  Not that Tynan would ever read this blog, but if you do happen to stumble on it:

Please Tynan:  Allow an easier way for us to add command_actions into Gizmos of already created types!

Anyway, I am working.  Just nothing new to release yet.

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