Major change to TwitchBot’s mod list command

Due to the fact that most Twitch streamers who use the TwitchBot tend to use a lot of mods as well, the original idea for the mod command tends to vomit a wall of text into chat.  To combat this, it was suggested that we find a way to put the mod lists on a 3rd party site.  I like the idea, but I don’t like involving more 3rd party sites than needed, so the best solution was to use THIS site.

I present to you the new TwitchBot external mod list!  Here is a demo of what it looks like.

To use the new external mod list simply click the checkbox next to the mod command in your TwitchBot settings.  The, instead of the text vomit style in chat, the mod command gives a link to your external list.  The list is updated every 5 mins.

For those who worry about personal info, the only things that transmitted to the site is your twitch name, your mod names and the urls the mods have listed.  That’s it.

Also, the auto-start has been implemented.  You can change that setting where you set the twitch username/password.  With it on, the Twitchbot starts as soon as you enter a map.

Go break it!

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