Nothing quite like clearing your schedule for a project that doesn’t materalize

So, I got everything squared away with the new Android Game and got it set aside.  I tied up the loose ends on the mod updates I have been working on (3 of them, but none of them are ready to test yet) and I have the current paying client at a point where I’m waiting for feedback from them on if they need more changes or if it’s time to get paid.

I did this because a potential client I had correspondence with indicated they finally had the money and were ready to move forward with a custom WordPress plugin project.  So, naturally I like to give better service than I even offer, so I clear aside all my non-paying projects and prep up the workspace and test server to develop for WordPress.

And then I get informed that they made a mistake.  They thought the package they were buying was the basic package ($95) when we had negotiated for my standard package ($495).

The only silver lining is that most people would scream “That’s too much!  You’re ripping me off.”  I was surprised when he said he would save up more and get in contact with me again.  So, there is that.

It doesn’t pay the bills, though.  Not really feeling like dragging everything back out to work on other projects right now either.  Maybe have some mod updates tomorrow.

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