Political Poop: This Game’s A Bunch of Crap

It seems this year you just can’t get away from all the crap being spewed out of the mouths of politicians and pundits. The more they open their mouths, the more it piles up. This game expresses that concept perfectly. It’s gamified political satire. And way more entertaining than following the news or listening to the debates.

Get to the Polls Without Becoming Sheeple

There’s so much poop being flung about by the media, the politicians themselves, and just about anyone discussing the issues that it’s tough not to fall into the category of a “sheeple” for one side or the other. If you listen to too much right-wing poop, you’ll become a Republican sheeple. Listen to too much left-wing poop, and you’ll become a Democratic sheeple. The noise you make is the same regardless. You’ll still be a sheeple, just a sheeple with a different name. Your goal in this game is to dodge all that crap and make it to the polls as an intellingent, rational human being. Good luck with that.

This Game Is A Bunch of Crap

Yes, it’s true. Crap rules the day, and the sound effects that go with it. Crap for politicians, crap for talking points, and your only job is to dodge all that crap. Good luck with that. It’s everywhere, and the closer you get to the polls, the faster that crap keeps shooting out of their mouths. It’s amazingly bad graphics, too, but then again – the game perfectly fits the atmosphere of this election year. Amazingly bad candidates who are both showing the maturity of a five-year-old child, which is about the artistic level of the artist who put together the graphics. No offense intended.

The Most Honest Thing To Come Out of This Election Year

I don’t mean to brag, but this game is the most honest thing to come out of this election year. At least it’s honest about how much crap it’s shoveling your way and isn’t trying to disguise the crap as truth or roses. Nope. It’s crap. Total crap. And it’s completely up front about that. Too bad we can’t get this much honesty out of either candidate or the media.

It’s Patriotic

It’s got red, white, and blue. It’s got politics. It’s got people who are actually interested in voting stepping up to try and navigate this maze of crap. What could be more patriotic than that?

It Got a Mature Rating

If you find it hard to believe that a game that does not include nudity, violence, or curse words of any sort got a mature rating, we were pretty impressed with it ourselves. Turns out honesty in politics gets you rated the same as Grand Theft Auto – without all the sex, drugs, violence, or great story lines. Who knew?

Get it for Android now!


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