Progress continues

So I’ve been working on integrating the website and UWE users.  Ok, that’s not exactly true.  Since we no longer have a UWE database, I been working on using the users from the website as the users for UWE.  It’s actually coming along ok.  Even have some of the admin side of the stuff in place.  Working on changing the client to no longer do the login, but rather check to see if it’s already logged in and if not, sending the user to the right place.

This is actually going to be the easy part.  The hard part will be getting Chat to work once we’re in.  Need to figure out where I’m storing that…

On a brighter note, C2’s newest version has some things to make my life a little easier.  Going to try to implement those with the chat setup and see if that might just make things a crap ton easier.

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