Rimworld TwitchBot released, current Dev plans

Mornin’ friends!

So, I have finally got the Rimworld TwitchBot mod into a usable state and out the door. I’m sure there are features and bugs that need to be added/fixed, but it’s in the wild now. Hopefully someone will find it useful. I plan on using it myself when/if I get to a place where I can get my gaming machine back up and running. I miss streaming. You can find the mod here.

On a lighter note, in filming and editing the tutorial video for the mod, I accidently failed to blur out my passwords in one clip, so I had to quickly pull that video down, edit and reupload it.  I even watched the video after editing it.  No clue how the heck I missed that.

So, currently the order of development priority I am going by (subject to change if I feel like it, of course) is:

  1. Bug Fixings (this is always highest priority)
  2. Feature Requests for Verify Start
  3. Feature Requests for Trading Spot
  4. Feature Requests for Deep Core Driller
  5. Feature Requests for TwitchBot
  6. Unreleased mod project

That means I’m going to dive into the refactor for Verify Start today.  If all goes well, I should be able to work on adding the individual colonist auto roll feature and also allows you to select desired traits as well as a healthy only option.  Yes, if I get everything in place, it will have a lot of functions of Prepare Carefully, but if that’s where people want it mod to be, it’s where I’ll go.  In the end, it’s up to you as a user of the mod as to how much cheese you want on your Rimworld sandwich.

Back to the code!

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