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twitchbotpreviewRimworld TwitchBot is a directly integrated bot that allows your viewers to interact with your game.

Currently, it features a command to view the mods you are running on your current game and a command to enter viewers into a drawing to have colonists (and colony animals) named after them. Anyone familiar with most twitch Rimworld streams knows these commands, but this mod does even more of the grunt work for the streamer.

The mods command is always up to date as it draws the info directly from your game. The name give away is as simple as one button click, rather than running the giveaway in a bot in another window, then coming back to your Rimworld game to find the colonist, then rename them. Also, the name give away allows you to rename pets even without other mods (Rimworld doesn’t allow you to name pets in the core game).

You can configure the bot to run through your current twitch user account, or you can specify a separate bot account. You can limit the colonist list to just humanoids or all colonists including animals. You can have a name removed from the pool of viewer names when it is picked. You also can choose to have the rename box popup after a colonist is named, so you can add additional info into the name or edit the name if it’s needed.

Tutorial Video:


What are the requirements for this mod?

This mod does not depend on any other mods. You can run this and the game core just fine.

This mod does require an active Twitch account, including it’s username and oauth password. To get your oauth password go to http://www.twitchapps.com/tmi/. Make sure you are logged in with the twitch user that will respond in chat to the bot commands. It is perfectly fine to use your own normal twitch account for that, or if you wish to create a separate account for the bot, feel free.

How do I install this mod?

Either download the zip file and unzip its contents into your mods folder, or if you’re using Steam find this mod in the Steam workshop and subscribe.

What order should your mod be loaded in?

The mod can be loaded anywhere after the game’s core mod. It does not depends on any other mod to function.

Are there any known issues?

We do not modify any base code in this mod, so it should be compatible with just about any other mod. Having said that, we have only tested this mod on Windows. No direct support is given for MacOS or Linux at this time.

Can this mod be used with old saves?

This mod should absolutely be old save compatible.

Where to get it:

Direct Download

Steam Page

Ludeon Forum Thread:

Current Version: 1.0.4

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