Struggles of rebuilding the site and state of UWE

So, as you know by now, I lost everything we had for the site when we lost the host we were on before.  This is a combination of my not being able to meet bills coupled with not having a reliable backup plan in place.  All of our code is secure, as that’s set in both my local repository and a cloud backup location, however I didn’t have a backup plan in place for the database itself, so all the posts and pages from the sites along with all the data from UWE are gone to the great hard drive in the sky.

This is a recoverable situation, however, and to be honest I had been toying with some ideas that would make UWE’s current data obsolete anyway, so this just spurs me to go ahead and make the changes I was thinking about.  The plan now is to have one IPG account, and use that in every game that requires a login, such as UWE.  I already know how to do this as I’ve written the exact same system I’m talking about for my wife’s upcoming app that supports one of her books, so the research phase of this is already done.  I just need to sit down and work out the frame work so that the UWE back end will look for the data in a different database for user logins.  It’s not as tricky as it sounds, luckily, so I just need to get enough time to work on it.

As for the website, my ultimate goal is to make this a gaming community with people who play and create content with each other and generally are a bunch of fun loving miscreants…kinda like /b/ without the stupidity and asshatery (did I just invent a word?).

Anyway, to recap:

Code still here, data gone.
New website design, New website functionality
Same community, same TS server
New user system for UWE

Yeah…that about sums it up.

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