Two new Quality of Life mods released today.

So, today I got very busy and knocked out two requested Quality of Life Rimworld mods.

The first is a designator that allows you to drag and designate all of the downed mechanoids you have wiggling outside of your base to be shutdown all at once.  This saves you from hunting through tons of wiggling centepedes and setting them to shutdown one by one.  You Pandora users will love this one.

And, I’ve had a request for LESS FREAK’N PINK STOCKPILES!  So, I created a mod that lets you set what stockpile color you want for both regular and dumping stockpiles.  And if you don’t like the preset colors, you can use your own custom color.

I would say go break them, but these are so simple I don’t know if they can be broken!

I’m getting back into working on TwitchBot next.  Need to fix an internal error, plus I’ve got a couple of requested features and some features I didn’t get to in the initial release.

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