Verify Start RC4 is out. All hail individual colonist reroll!

Since TwitchBot launched without too many bugs and hicups, I’ve gotten back into Verify Start’s Auto Roll features.  I’ve had tons of requests for the ability to reroll individual colonists.

In order to do that, I needed to rework the configuration screen.  So, I decided to go with a screen that looks like the work priority screen.

Originally I was going to allow you to pick individual profiles for each colonist to reroll, but in testing I found that to be completely over kill.  Instead, you can now set a colonist to be locked, so when you reroll they don’t change.  This means you can lock all but one, set your profile and roll.

I also moved all the screens into one, with just one button.  Makes the interface less of a mess and to boot you now see the colonist skills on the screen to easily figure out what you want.

Go break it!

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