Weekend and Monday update

I was able to do some planning for the next mod I’m working on over the weekend.  A more ambitious quality of life mod this time:  Create specific “jobs” based off work priorities, and give a screen where you can quickly set pawns to those jobs.  It’s going to function like the restrict screen where you can drag a mouse across a coloumn of buttons and quickly assign multiple pawns jobs.  So, if you need a cleaning or a hauling day, you can make a job that sets pawns to priority 1 in cleaning or hauling and 4 or nothing to all the others and then drag your mouse down it.  Boom.  Everyone is a hauler (that can hall).

There are some things I need to think over for it, though.  Saving job types needs to be both global and map local since you will want to have some jobs that you always have (I always have someone set like so for research, etc) and there are some that are specific to a map because you have that one colonist that can only cook and do art, so they need a special job just for them.

No mod work today, though.  Have paying work I’m working on (yay!) so that always takes priority.  I’d really like to get off this couch I’m crashing on, so money would help.

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