Why can’t we be friends…

IPG is a game development company, sure.  But we are also gamers ourselves.  That means we like to play games.  Sometimes we like to play with ourselves.  (Wait, that didn’t come out right…)  Sometimes we like to play with others.  One of the goals with IPG has always been to create a gaming community to bring together those who like to play with a mixture of seriousness and wackiness.

To further this goal, IPG has always tried to foster a community of gamers.  One way is our community Teamspeak server, which you can find by firing up TS3 and pointing it towards infinitepossibilitygames.com.  And to take it a step further, we’ve added a community to the website.  Here you can form groups, post videos and images, and connect with other miscreants like yourself.

See?  We’re lookin out for you!

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