Two new Quality of Life mods released today.


So, today I got very busy and knocked out two requested Quality of Life Rimworld mods.

The first is a designator that allows you to drag and designate all of the downed mechanoids you have wiggling outside of your base to be shutdown all at once.  This saves you from hunting through tons of wiggling centepedes and setting them to shutdown one by one.  You Pandora users will love this one.

And, I’ve had a request for LESS FREAK’N PINK STOCKPILES!  So, I created a mod that lets you set what stockpile color you want for both regular and dumping stockpiles.  And if you don’t like the preset colors, you can use your own custom color.

I would say go break them, but these are so simple I don’t know if they can be broken!

I’m getting back into working on TwitchBot next...

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TwitchBot and Trading Spot updated today? Ubie’s been busy!


So, yeah…exactly as the name says.  I got around to doing some maintenance work on mods today, rather than working on new features.

Trading spot has been plagued by an issue in Tynan’s code that caused trader’s LordJob defs to be orphaned from time to time.  For example, this is a healthy non-orphaned lordjob in the save file:

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Easy like Sunday Morning

I’ll admit I haven’t gotten any work done today.  Woke up late and pretty much didn’t have any motivation.  Sunday is kinda a slow day for me and my wife anyway.

I’m not sure if I’m going to stay with Verify Start and work on traits and health, or if I’m going to take a look at the other mods that have features that I want to add to them.  I’ll see what I’m interested in doing when I pull up the IDE again.  I can be bought, though…if you want to see a feature (or even a brand new mod) done next, there’s that link at the top to buy pizza for me.

I’m not say, I’m just sayin…

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Verify Start RC4 is out. All hail individual colonist reroll!


Since TwitchBot launched without too many bugs and hicups, I’ve gotten back into Verify Start’s Auto Roll features.  I’ve had tons of requests for the ability to reroll individual colonists.

In order to do that, I needed to rework the configuration screen.  So, I decided to go with a screen that looks like the work priority screen.

Originally I was going to allow you to pick individual profiles for each colonist to reroll, but in testing I found that to be completely over kill.  Instead, you can now set a colonist to be locked, so when you reroll they don’t change.  This means you can lock all but one, set your profile and roll.

I also moved all the screens into one, with just one button...

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Rimworld TwitchBot released, current Dev plans


Mornin’ friends!

So, I have finally got the Rimworld TwitchBot mod into a usable state and out the door. I’m sure there are features and bugs that need to be added/fixed, but it’s in the wild now. Hopefully someone will find it useful. I plan on using it myself when/if I get to a place where I can get my gaming machine back up and running. I miss streaming. You can find the mod here.

On a lighter note, in filming and editing the tutorial video for the mod, I accidently failed to blur out my passwords in one clip, so I had to quickly pull that video down, edit and reupload it.  I even watched the video after editing it.  No clue how the heck I missed that.

So, currently the order of development priority I am going by (subject to change if I feel like it, of course) is:

  1. Bug Fixings (this ...
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Rimworld modding underway – 2 released, 1 in beta, 1 in development

Ok, so I’ve started modding Rimworld again.  I’ve completed and released a Deep Core Driller and a Trading Spot.  I’ve revamped the Geothermal Generator and am in the process of tuning it.  I’m starting to develop my most ambitious project yet.  I won’t reveal too much about it, but I will say that I’m going to need artwork for vehicles…

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Ask Chad: GTA V PC Install Issues

GTA V Error

Hey Chad,
I recently bought GTA V for PC with a download code. The code worked, but the installer keeps saying “Lost connection to server” and when I retry it, it downloads a little bit and then stops again. I have forwarded ports and taken all the steps suggested by Rockstar, but it still won’t work.
Is there a way to get this to download properly?
Shaun, UK.

Thanks for your question, Shaun. After several hours of searching for answers, I decided to try to install the game myself to see if I could replicate your problem. After 20GB or so of the download, bingo! The download manager craps out and gives me an error with the option to retry.
I have found a solution, though. It’s a pain in the butt, but I have tested it and it works.
Firstly, wait until your download craps out...

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IPG Podcast and LP team is recruiting

Hey guys,
Th3Ch@d here with a casting call for our podcast and LP teams!
All you need to do is send an email introducing yourself, your age, your gaming background and any hardware you use to

Happy gaming!

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Making Progress


Yes, like a crazy mad scientist, I continue to make progress on UWE.  The first step was deciding on what direction to take our data handling.  Since we lost the database with the last host, I was given a chance to rethink things.  One of my personal pet peves was having to have two different logins…one for the site and one of UWE.  That also meant that you would have to have another login for any other multiplayer game we made down the road.

I had been wanting to tie all that info together anyway, so I made the choice to unify the user login system...

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Progress continues


So I’ve been working on integrating the website and UWE users.  Ok, that’s not exactly true.  Since we no longer have a UWE database, I been working on using the users from the website as the users for UWE.  It’s actually coming along ok.  Even have some of the admin side of the stuff in place.  Working on changing the client to no longer do the login, but rather check to see if it’s already logged in and if not, sending the user to the right place.

This is actually going to be the easy part.  The hard part will be getting Chat to work once we’re in.  Need to figure out where I’m storing that…

On a brighter note, C2’s newest version has some things to make my life a little easier...

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