Play Testing: Elite Hacker

You’ve heard about a group of Elite Hackers and you’ve decided to join them. You have one shot to get in: pick one of three systems and see if you can crack the code.

This little game was designed as part of the Complete C# Unity course I am taking on Udemy. It’s been fun. It’s been frustrating. It’s been very informative. And now it’s ready for playtesting.

Here is the link to the playtesting site:

You will need to click into the browser in order to be able to play the game.

I’ll keep you informed of updates and when it’s ready for actual release. There are a few things I want to add to the game once I get feedback about how well it works.


We got a friend of ours to playtest the game for us today. Here was his feedback:

  1. Wrong pass screen stops giving player hints.
  2. If he types wrong pass, then gives correct pass, it works as intended.
  3. After finishing a level, you can finish it again by typing the same word on the “You won” screen.
  4. Typing other things on the “You won” screen gives you the “Wrong password. Try again.” message.
  5. Type in the winning code after typing in the wrong code and you can win without going back to the main menu.
  6. The WordFeud cheat site helped him break the levels.
  7. He wished that Easter Eggs available on the main menu screen would unlock special things rather than just ask to select menu options.

Your Wish, Our Command…

  1. We have fixed bugs 1-5.
  2. Easter Eggs hidden on the main menu screen now DO offer additional game functionality. Be careful what you wish for…
  3. We won’t spoil the fun, but it is possible to activate God mode where all hints are disabled. You’re God. You don’t need them. Duh!
  4. It is also possible to activate Hell mode which will increase the difficulty exponentially.

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